DAEMON Tools Lite: 3 Free Alternatives To Mount Image Files

The virtual drive is a great time saving feature to mount CD/DVD media from a file. Windows 8 and 10 supports mounting of ISO image files. The Windows XP and 7 user can’t do it without a third-party tool.

DAEMON Tools Lite is well known CD/DVD emulator. It is a free version of the commercial DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra with adware. It can mount a wide variety of file types (.MDX, .MDS/, .MDF, .ISO, .CUE, .NRG etc.) on up to 4 virtual drives. But now there are many decent rivals. If you’re searching for a the best alternative, which is free and lite on PC resources, then PCHippo.com has 3 hot picks right here.

Alternative Virtual Drive Software

Although DAEMON Tools Lite is free, has great features and is very easy to use, some find it – not lite – on PC resources, some what true. You may also be one of the unlucky few who experience problems with the program, and need something a bit easy and lite.

Here are 3 best DAEMON Tools Lite Free Alternatives that are completely free.

Alcohol 52%

Alcohol 52% is the smaller, free non-commercial edition of the popular Alcohol 120% image tool. It supports the mounting of common image file formats and a maximum of 6 virtual drives. It comes with adware. By: Alcohol Soft

Alcohol does not integrate very well with Explorer, instead you must add your image files to Alcohol first and then double-click to mount them. Don’t forget to uncheck that pesky Alcohol Soft Toolbar that’s bundled along!

Note: if you’ve been using Alcohol 120% and want to downgrade to this free version be sure to remove your old version first.


The next on the list is the completely free and open source WinCDEmu. This CD emulator for Windows packs every feature you could need into one non-commercial versions of the software package. WinCDEmu should suffice for most common disk image tasks. Also comes in Portable version. By: Sysprogs

Mountable image file types are .ISO, .CUE, .NRG, .MDS/.MDF, .CCD and .IMG. This isn’t quite DAEMON Tools Lite Free Alternatives, but the major formats are fully supported. WinCDEmu completely integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing you to simply double-click a supported image file for it to be immediately mounted. You can then unmount the disc image using the right-click context menu from My Computer.

Virtual CloneDrive

Our favorite and probably the best virtual drive software, Virtual CloneDrive is a freeware image mounting tool for Windows by Slysoft. Enjoy the freedom of the lightest virtual drive program. VCD is complete DAEMON Tools Lite Free Alternative recommended by PCHippo.com.

Virtual CloneDrive supports common formats (including .ISO, .BIN and .CCD) and a whopping 8 virtual drives. You may get a Windows driver warning whilst installing, but no worries just click “Continue Anyway” to proceed with the installation.

Once installed you can associate your image files with the program so that in future all it takes is a double-click to mount the file.

Windows 8 & 10 Native Virtual Drive

With the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft has done a great job by integrating native support for ISO files. You can now mount or burn ISO files without the hassle of downloading a separate application. Mounting an ISO image file is like opening any other file under Windows 8 & 10.

Do you have any preferred image mounting software? Have your say in the discussion below.

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