SHAREit Free Download For PC (32/64 bit)

SHAREit? is one of the best file sharing app, SHAREit download app has over a billion Users due to the free technology it offers us. Data is transferred using the SHAREit app at a speed of more than 200 times to Bluetooth transfer. The good part is that SHAREit download is Free and doesn’t require an internet connection as well. It is supported on almost every device.

  • SHAREit Free Download For PC (32/64 bit) PcHippo
  • License
  • Free
  • OS
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest Release
  • August 7, 2018
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SHAREit For PC Overview

SHAREit app with its high transfer speed has been User’s Favorite. You can transfer all type of files(videos, audios, images, GIF, etc) while on cross platforms as well. SHAREit apk/app helps you to send files from phone to phone and as well as from phone to PC.

It will work most of the time and you’ll feel it working supersonically. Sometimes it won’t work, then try again. For Computers to be connected and enable file sharing you will need SHAREit v4.0 for PC that’s provided to Softlay Users in the high-speed download button above to download SHAREit app for PC.

The multiple platforms it support are nearly all that includes support for Windows 7/8/10,  Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad),Laptop, PC and Mac. While transferring, you won’t lose any sort of data or quality as well.

SHAREit is completely safe, it won’t request permissions for tasks it doesn’t perform that matters a lot in case of phones. It accesses Bluetooth in Phones to reach nearby devices quickly where it’s intended to connect.

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The Bad News

After all the pros, the few problems users can face apart from not getting connected instantly are lack of instructions. A normal User will find it hard in the beginning, and for a second transfer, the app requests the connection again.

The technology will certainly improve in these areas making it even better and expanding its user’s worldwide.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Which files did you transfer using the SHAREit app? Do let us know in the comments section!

Don’t forget to ask questions or any further advice you require about SHAREit app.

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