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The SafeInCloud password manager is the best app to protect your private information. You can download free password manager on Android, Mac OS, iPhone and Windows. So download SafeInCloud and get a safe and secure encrypted database. You can also download SafeInCloud chrome password manager extension.

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  • Windows/Android/ Apple i phone/ Mac book
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  • English
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  • March 31, 2021
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  • 3.1.2
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  • SafeInCloud

SafeInCloud Best Free Password Manager

Today free password manager apps have become more flexible to build a strong password. Whether its online account or credit card pins you should always need a advance password manager app. The real issue starts when you have the bulk of a long password. Which consists of digits, characters, uppercase or lowercase letter and you cannot remember them. That’s where a SafeInCloud password manager comes in handy.

It’s the far more best free Android password manager app. Its usability is not only restricted to Android, but you can also download SafeInCloud password manager for Windows as well. This password manager has amazing features like you can save password vaults and categorize them according to your need.

Equally Reliable Mac Password Manager, in case you want the password manager for mac then you have come to the right place. Its mac version also includes same feature. When you install secure password manager it’s all pro feature becomes available to you for two weeks.

No Need To Pay monthly Subscriptions

After that period you have to pay one-time subscription fee then you can enjoy SafeInCloud pro infinitely. Unlike other password savor apps, this software doesn’t require a monthly or annual subscription.

When you open this app, it displays two options either create a new database or use existing via cloud sync. If you opt to create a new ID, then it will ask you to set a strong password.
When you place your secret code, SafeInCloud also shows the time in which your account can be hacked. Once you have set password lock keep it safe because in the unlikely event you cannot recover your it.

Intuitive Interface

It has very simple user interface which is very easy to use. All categories are displayed in one single window. You can easily navigate and add new entry according to your need.

In 2015 SafeInCloud was launched. As of today, its evolved version successfully matches material design user interface language of Google. The developer has also built SafeInCloud dark theme apart from the standard light theme. which saves battery life.

SafeInCloud uses strong encryption codes to protect your data. Your data in the device or cloud is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The AES consists of an algorithm which US government use to protect secret information. Moreover not even safeincloud developers cannot access your data.

Sync Data With Cloud Online

Cloud synchronization is another fantastic feature of this safe in cloud password manager app. You can sync your data through the cloud account.

As you can see you can sync Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, YandexDisk, NAS, WebDAV. This feature allows you to restoring your data on your PC or Android quickly. You can also login SafeInCloud with fingerprints or facedetector. But only those Android devices that have bio-matrices or Android OS 6.0 or above can use this feature.

Keep in Connect With Android Smartwatch

Safe in Cloud password manager also has smartwatch app companion. You can use this app via Android wristwatch to get easy access to data. You can save credit cards PINs, locker code etc. in a wristwatch.

To enhance security at an optimal level, you can generate password with the SafeInCloud password manager. Memorble, LettersandNumbers, Random, Numberonly are four categories choose between them to create a password.

Chrome Password Manager You Say!

Now you don’t need to download google password manager separately. You can easily integrate safeincloud with the browser.  The app auto fills passwords of web pages in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Yandex browsers on desktop.

It helps users to copy the password and place them on web pages quickly. Now you don’t need to manually keep password of web pages just download SafeInCloud browser extension and allow app to auto-fill passwords where required.

You can also download free SafeInCloud password manager as a desktop app in Windows & Mac OS. It will allow you instant access over database. It’s desktop version also lets you import data from other password manager apps. So it saves a headache to reenter data from old password manager to this one.

This security app is available on all primary platform. You can use the existent templates to enter your precious data or can create a new one. You can also upload images of your licenses or Cards.

Overall Best Password Manager for Android, Mac, Apple ios & Windows

To conclude you can say that safe in cloud is the best password manager software you have which don’t cost much. Proactively protects your secret information. Let you import your existent password from 90 other password manager apps. This app definitively has worth to try it.

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