Avast Cleanup Premium Tool Review – Cleanup and Boost

In this guide, we will provide you with a complete and brief Avast Cleanup Review.

What is Avast Cleanup?

Avast – one of the highly recognized software providing safety and security to your systems. Not only Security, but Avast Cleanup also cleans and speeds up your system/PC.

Its performance and reliability are the reasons for its high sales all over the world that makes it the best tool available for the tasks it performs. Let’s Get started on our Avast Cleanup Premium Review.

Avast Cleanup Review

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The Avast Cleanup Premium tool has multiple features that are very useful too. Avast Cleanup Premium is a complete Registry Cleaner. This Cleaner has its four principal subdivisions where it works.

Maintenance – The cleaner will help maintain the PC/Laptop and also display the percentage(on the start page) regarding how tuned up the desktop is.
Speed up – Memory eater programs that silently run in the background are identified under this subdivision. The users will be given the option to turn off manually, while shown how much will it improve.
The boot-up speed can also be sped up by turning off time taking boot applications.
Free up Space – As the name tells, it automatically checks and comes up with junk files accumulated by temporary files, browsed data, applications data, installed documents, etc.

In our Avast Cleanup Review, we found the navigation and the menu to be clean, while a scheduled clean is missed in Avast Clean up.


The scannig process is quite fast on this tool. For our Avast Cleanup Review, we checked the scanning speed, and it was much better than its competitors. This is a significant advantage, but on the other hand, this tool can’t specify a specific area of your memory to scan.


This option isn’t available in the trial version. Unlike the scanning process, the repair process allows repairing a specified area beside fixing the whole pc.

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Best Part

There is an undo or a hidden ctrl+z in Avast Cleanup Premium where every process is tracked. You can revert the changes you make like a track will be maintained by the software. Backups of broken registry items are found in the Rescue Center coming up with it in our Avast Cleanup Review.


Avast Cleanup Premium offers customer support as it does for other products as well. If the problem is primary, the FAQ section will cater you, but for a complicated issue, there’s a ticket submission platform available too.

Apart from the useful articles on their blog, Avast is available on social media too.


It depends upon the service you choose from the avast line-up, but the most popular version with a one-year subscription comes at $49.99 or a two-year subscription saving you ten bucks at $89.99. It’s never recommended to buy the software and risking your money as you must try the demo version.

If it suits you, buy it as we think the price charged is also worth it due to the features provided in Avast Cleanup Premium 2018.

Solution to Common Avast Performance Issues

Why my Avast Cleanup Premium is not working?

There are multiple solutions to this problem in our Avast Cleanup Review:

  • A reboot is required after the software is installed, make sure you have restarted your pc.
  • Check for any recent updates, not remaining updated results in not working.
  • Check the Avast Cleanup Premium activation code or re-enter it.
  • Re-installing is one of the ways for Avast Cleanup Premium to work if the above doesn’t work.

Why my Avast Cleanup Premium Stuck on Loading?

For the Avast Cleanup Review, we found multiple solutions to this problem.

  • Avast Cleanup Premium stucks when you don’t update it whenever a new update is available. Keep your software updated.
  • To solve this, besides updating, re-install the software as Avast Clean up will be upgraded to the latest version automatically removing previous bugs.
  • Broken Registry Items of Avast Cleanup tool is a reason too.

What’s my Avast Clean up Activation code?

You’ll find many websites providing you with keys but neither we indulge in delivering Free Avast Cleanup Activations codes nor you should. Apart from being part of the bad community, you’ll not be enjoying full the premium version, and if an official has caught your pc, you won’t be able to buy it too in the near future.

Final Thoughts after Avast Cleanup Review

Is Avast Cleanup Worth it? Software Experts at Pchippo after the Avast Cleanup Review think Avast is a useful tool. The software lacks some features and Avast registry cleaner may not be the best registry cleaner but using and understanding it is easy.

Scans quickly than its competitors, the repairs you make are also editable and attractive pricing makes it a good choice. Yes, Avast Cleanup Premium is worth it being a completely safe and a good choice.

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