FlexClip is for those who want to step up their game – completely. It’s nice and includes powerful video editing tools and a host of other features to churn out really impressive and professional-looking videos. FlexClip throws up to us all those features that you entitle as creativity – otherwise. It incorporates hundreds of rich and dynamic video templates, motion presets, and an extensive stock footage library, complemented with plentiful animated elements encompassing text animation, overlays, intros/outros, and millions of elements. Sounds Crazy!

No Need to Know the Ropes

Here’s the thing. You need not be an expert at making videos because FlexClip makes it super easy for you to work your way. It allows users to work videos online straight from the internet browser. You don’t have to learn the ins and outs of this software. All you need is to add the media or photos from the computer and customize it. You can therein add text, videos, and voice-over to fully edit and customize your content. At last, you have to download what you made and share it online with the world.

Enjoy the privilege of a Comprehensive Software

The software gives some really decent features. This includes the option to trim videos so you can decide on the length of the video. This feature would also help reduce significant portions from a long video and let you make the video much smoother. You can also add the music to your video to give it a mood parameter.

There’s is the stock music from where you can integrate or even upload your music files into the video. Furthermore, FlexClip gives the option to record your voice-over. This is good, especially if you want your narration or audio in any part of the video that you want. Likewise, you can add and edit the text to help audiences understand your video content better.

FlexClip will also help you to position your text blocks. You can also adjust the time frame from when the text should appear and disappear on a scene. The option to change the text color and font selection options are also available. This is great for editing. The best part comes when you have the option to add your watermark to your videos and brand them. It’s super handy.

This video editor online helps you to create your videos up to 1080p. That’s, however, not included in the free version. It sucks. That’s right. You can otherwise select 720p and 480p. So, it depends – mostly. The list goes on. But, like all other video editors, take for instance Canva, FlexClip gives the option to transform photos into videos.

Video Splitter, another feature of FlexClip is perfect for video splitting into several segments. This video editing software would get the work done without having to get yourself into all the technical stuff. Likewise, you can select different templates. These templates are super captivating.

With all the editing options available, you can also integrate appropriate music to the template. Furthermore, FlexClip makes it easy to add video transitions and storylines. This makes even a better blend. Once you’re done with everything, it’s time to export the final video. You select the quality and simply export the content. That is it.

Does FlexClip Lack in Something?

It does. The main thing is the absence of the Undo option. You’d have to start all over again to recreate the whole element. It gives great inconvenience. The maximum video time allotted is 5 minutes. Hence, you might not wish to create an extended family vacation or event videos. It, furthermore, does not have the option to add multiple text blocks on the same scene. So, you would have to split the scene and add new text.

FlexClip Free VS Basic VS Plus VS Business

The free version provides 480p SD downloads with one stock video per project with a maximum of 12 projects in total. The video length is also up to a minute. The basic version makes it up to 720p HD downloads with a maximum of 50 projects and a video length of up to three minutes. You can also add your custom watermark. This comes with a subscription plan of $4.99/mo.

The plus version which is also the most popular one takes up to 1080p full HD downloads with a maximum of two hundred projects. It also levels up your project with a video length of 10 min and five stock videos per project. This one comes with a plan of $7.99/mo. That’s there is to the Plus one.

Last up is the business plan. It comes with a subscription plan of $19.99/mo that gives you a greater edge to make some really cool and fun videos that look super professional and stunning. This one can allow you to integrate unlimited stock videos per project with a maximum of 1000 projects and a video length of up to 30 minutes. I think with this one, they should have allotted a video length o up to an hour. But, it works this way.


To wrap up my text, I feel FlexClip if not gives all that you want, still makes it good enough to create really high-quality videos without having to hassle through the technicalities. Though video time is an issue and the undo option really makes everything horrible, it still is a good option for beginners to start with. It, however, lacks the depth of professional video-editing programs like After Effects or Adobe Premiere. That being said, if you’re on the hunt for basic editing programs and being a rookie editor and freelancer, FlexClip is an excellent option.

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