How to Repair/Fix Windows 10 Problems with Best Free Tools

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest operating system available right now. Still, sometimes windows 10 faces plenty of issues. To counter these problem you need to fix windows 10 with best free tools which we will discuss in this post.

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  • August 7, 2018

Microsoft Windows 10 is the last version and as compare to it’s previous version like Windows 7, Windows 8. The Windows 10 free operating system is a continually evolving platform. From the first day of its release in 2015, Windows 10 download is becoming more popular.

If you think that windows 10 won’t start or you want Windows 10 update fix or you need windows 10 repair. In either case, you need to fix windows 10 problem before you can use your PC. Here are 6 best free tools which can help to fix windows 10.

How To Fix Windows 10

To fix windows 10 problems, all you need is to download these best essential free tools for Windows. Now let’s take a look on these tools.

But First,Make Sure that Your PC has Windows 10 Updated Version

Before you start installing these best free programs to fix Windows 10 problems. Make sure you have duly updated your windows 10. The Windows 10 update is essential to run you system smoothly and it also can obliterate a swath of annoying bugs.

To start manually Windows 10 update Press Windows key + I to open the Settings panel and head to Update & Security > Windows Update. If you found any Windows update waiting there. Just save your work, bookmark your browser tabs, and Restart your system at once.

Apart from updating Windows, you should also check out for any malware threat. Read this article to remove malware from Windows 10.  The malware is another common issues when using Windows 10.

Now, we proceed towards best programs to fix windows 10 problem.

1. Download IOBit Driver Booster in Windows 10

Microsoft has added a built in Windows 10 update mechanism. It detects and update driver for free. But this Windows 10 driver updater is not perfect software. It often leaves some essential driver updates. So when you feel that there a hardware driver issue and you want to fix Windows 10, just make sure that your windows is fully updated.

But how to check driver update free in Windows 10? That easiest way to check Windows driver update is by download free driver update tool. For that IOBit Driver Booster is he best free driver update tool for Windows OS. Read our post on IOBit Driver Booster Review.

The developer of IOBit Driver booster claim that it can fix windows 10 problems and can update over 1,000,000 free driver.

In order to fix Windows 10 download driver booster, install it in your system. Deselect any additional software that it offers. Once you open driver booster, Click on “Scan” button and it will check outdated drivers in your PC.  Like this;

After complete scan it shows scan result in three tabs: Outdated, UpToDate, and Action Center. The first two tabs contains the lists of your system drivers and their status. But the Action Center tab contains download driver update link for other IOBit utilities.

Choose the big red “Update Now” button and it will update drivers automatically. On the other hand you can also head down the list and select individual driver to update. IOBit driver booster also allows the users to revert back to older driver version or uninstall driver.

While it update and download driver, it will require system reboot to complete driver installation process.

Driver Booster is the best driver to fix Windows 10. Before it starts Windows driver update it also creates a system restore point, as well as options for automatic shut down or reboot after the driver installation process completes. It’s reliable free driver updater windows 10 and Windows 7.

Download  Snappy Driver Installer, In Case IOBit is not Responding Well

Sometime one driver update tool doesn’t find all outdated drivers. That’s why it’s best practice to have alternate driver update tool to fix windows 10.

Snappy Driver Installer (SDI) is also open source free driver updater with a vast driver collection for offline use. To download Snappy Driver Installer visit their download page.  Download SDI lite version, run its application. Click on “Download index only” button. It will start a scan and in a short moment will show you which outdated driver needs update.

Fix Windows 10

Now you can head down the list and select each drivers individually that you want to install. The Driver update download process can take a while depending on how many drivers need updating.

Once the driver download and installation process completes, restart your system.

2. Download FixWin 10: Best Window 10 Repair Tool

fix windows 10

The second step to fix windows 10 issues requires you to download Windows repair tool. The Free FixWin 10 one of the best Windows 10 repair tools. FixWin 10 is a portable repair tool. The FixWin 10 can be used to repair variety of operating system issues.

If you want repair tool to fix Windows 10 the FixWin 10 is the best option you have here. Its a must tool to fix windows 10 problems.

As you can see  FixWin 10 has 6 main section. These sections contain different Windows Fix items. Some of the fixes in FixWin 10 requires a reboot, but you’ll be informed of this when you click the Fix button.

the fixwin 10 fixes vary from common irritants, such as “Thumbnails not showing in file explorer” to more advanced fixes like restoring access to the Registry Editor.

The additional feature to Fix windows 10 section contains advance and useful tweaks, such as restoring the Sticky Notes delete warning dialog box, while the Troubleshooters section directs you to the relevant fix Windows 10 troubleshooter tool on your system.

Any how if you are facing any hang or crash, you can fix windows 10 with FixWin 10 more easily.

3. Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

Fix Windows 10Free Ultimate Windows Tweaker is another Windows 10 specific tool. It is developed by the same developer as FixWin10 which is the Windows Club. Unlike FixWin 10, which addresses Windows 10 issues and lets you fix windows 10. The ultimate Windows tweaker program enables you to quickly enable, disable, hide, or remove specific features from Windows 10.

You can use Windows 10 settings app to make each change in the list listed program, such as in the Registry Editor, or the Group Policy Editor. After download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 you can see that it puts all the options within neat sections that list relevant issues which you can then address quickly to fix windows 10.

To use Ultimate Windows 10 Tweaker just click on “Create Restore Point” button before you start fix Windows 10. After that tick relevant changes that you want to make. Then click on “Apply” button.

There are over 200 Windows 10 tweaks that are available at the click of a button. Making changes in the OS or to fix Windows 10 has never been that easier.

4. Download Windows Repair All in One Free Tool For Windows 10

Fix Windows 10

It is the best Windows all in one repair tool. The Windows Repair All in One is another useful free Windows 10 repair tool. You can use it to repair numerous errors and fix  Windows 10 issues. The developer of Windows all in one repair tool recommends that you should run this Window repair pro tool in Safe Mode for maximum effect. (How to boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode?) The Windows Repair tool has its own Reboot to Safe Mode button for a quick reboot.

When you Download Windows repair al in one tool, it covers registry permissions, file permissions, Windows Firewall settings, Winsock and DNS cache fixes, Windows Update issues, and much more. The Windows Repair tool also guides you through process to fix windows 10.

5. Download Missed Feature Installer Windows 10

fix windows 10

No doubt, Windows 10 is an amazing operating system, and most users are fully satisfied and enjoying it. However there are still some drawbacks. These issues occurred when users upgrade Windows 7 from Windows Vista. Or upgrade Window 10 from Windows 7.

When users upgrade Windows some features didn’t make the cut in Windows 10. Fortunately, the Missing Features Installer brings back many of those popular old features in one handy tool to fix windows 10 .

Once you download missed feature installer Windows 10, it can change Windows 10 start menu. You can also use the Missed Features Installer to switch to Classic Start Menu. Can install the legendary 3D Pinball Windows 10 with this free Windows tool. You can download classic games from Windows XP, Vista, and 7 with this tool.

This tool can also fix windows 10 update issue. However, these features are experimental and could damage your system so make sure to set a system restore point before diving in.

6. Download O&O ShutUp10 For Windows 10

fix windows 10

From the day of release Windows 10 is facing privacy issues and Microsoft knows it. They are trying to protect and fix Windows 10 privacy through monthly windows updates. Hence the control has improved slightly since its release, but the core issues of tracking, telemetry, and data gathering persists.

Shutup 10 is a free antispy tool for Windows 10.  Along with this there are several tools curtail Microsoft and Windows 10 data gathering tendencies and O&O ShutUp10 is one of the best in them.

The program has nine sections offering various privacy settings, many of which are not directly available in the operating system. Download ShutUp10 and it will make the turning off unseen options as simple as flicking the numerous switches.

O&O ShutUp10 represent each option with a short description so you know what you’re turning off. This free Windows 10 privacy protection tool also explains the effect of each functionality. This tool also come with some downsides like turning everything off might slowly your system. So instead of fix windows 10 this tool might cause problem if used blindly.

If your Windows 10 cause you trouble then these are some of the best free tool to fix Windows 10. These programs are easy to use, will fix Windows 10. If you have any other software combination to fix windows 10 issues then tell us through comment!

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