ASUS AI Suite 3

Monitoring utility for ASUS motherboard, Fan Xxpert

  • ASUS AI Suite 3 PcHippo
  • License
  • Free
  • OS
  • Windows 10/8/7
  • Language
  • English
  • Latest Release
  • March 31, 2021
  • Version
  • 3.00.13
  • Developer
  • ASUS

ASUS AI Suite 3 download free is an easy to use ASUS motherboard tuning utility. AI suite III is an overclocking utility, specifically built for ASUS motherboard. You can accelerate your computer performance and get more juice out of it. The AI suite shows CPU frequency, energy saving, SATA and CPU power, PC voltage and CPU temperature. Additional feature of AI suite 3 also lets you check CPU temperature and control PC fan speed.

Tweak Your PC with ASUS AI Suite 3

If you are using your PC for gaming or for any other intensive work then you might want to overclock it with reliable benchmarking tool. This way you get enhanced PC performance out of existing components without replacing them.

However, there is another way to configure PC settings and that is by accessing motherboard BIOS. The second method involves some prior knowledge which is why most user don’t mess with BIOS settings.

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ASUS Monitoring and Control Utilities for Motherboard

Those who have ASUS motherboard and they want to tweak it they should take benefit from AI Suite 3. This free PC tweaking tool has the ability to quickly boost PC power. If you use your PC for high graphics gaming or other demanding tasks then it’s best choice for you to download AI Suite 3 for ASUS motherboard.

Don’t get confuse over where to download AI suite 3. You can easily get AI suite windows 10 64 bit and for Windows 7.

PC Fan Xpert

Ai Suite 3 also works as PC fan controller software, you can easily control CPU fan speed and keep your PC cool.  Fan Xpert is the most amazing ASUS AI Suite 3 feature. You can either select Fan Auto Tuning to get optimal result or choose manually.

You can select at which speed you want to run your installed or connected PC fan. Even if you don’t have a plan to overclock your PC this features has worth trying. After you done tuning you can easily monitor PC fan sped.

Only ASUS Motherboard Support AI Suite III

If ASUS AI Suite 3 not working on Windows 10″>ASUS Support Center.

Increase System Performance Automatically

Once you Install and run AI Suite 3, it will take some time to analyze your computer. You can click on AUTO button and let ASUS AI Suite to optimize CPU performance, energy savings, power consumption level.

Or you can select 5 Way optimization feature to manually alter values and let the software to overclock your system. You can also run memory stress test to see how much load your CPU can handle.

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Straightforward Interface

The interface of ASUS AI Suite 3 is very astonishing. It gives you easy access control over different options. At a bare glance you can see CPU frequency,CPU core VoltageCPU temperature and CPU fan in 4 separate boxes.

Be careful while using AI Suite 3, when you increase PC performance, you must constantly monitor thermal values of CPU and overall system stability. If you ignored to monitor actively your system might starts overheating and ultimately break down.

Other Features

 Even if you don’t want to tweak ASUS motherboard still ASUS AI Suite 3 windows 10 64 bit download is versatile tool. You can also get bundle of extended functions in this ASUS pack.

  •  Ai Charger+: Wondering What is ASUS AI Charger”>Rate of transfer of data through USB automatically increases
  • Ez Updates: This feature automatically update for motherboard drivers, software. You don’t need to download a seperate driver updater software in Windows PC.
  • DIGI+Power Control: It’s a innovative set of functions which controls memory, voltage more efficiently.
  • Key Express: You can assign shortcut via key on your keyboard to start certain tasks.

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